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Thursday, January 22, 2015

We have seen an unusual, and rather gratifying, display of public protest in recent times with meetings against housing (Whittlesey) anaerobic digestion plants (Wimblington) and open spaces (March).

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I was amazed to read your article headlined Police: Speed limit cut ‘over-restrictive’ (January 9).

Tesco finally pulled the plug on Chatteris after the many months of agonising over whether or not there would be a store for the town.

I refer to the remarks made by John Smithee to end all benefit sanctions now and make foodbanks history (January 16).

If to listen to people; if to look for opportunities and possibilities; if then to come up with a set of proposals that are feasible with the source of the money to implement them identified represent a u-turn, that u-turn should be welcomed and praised.

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