September 3 2015 Latest news:

St John's College site off Estover

Dismay over 95 house plans for March site off Estover Road

It is with surprise and dismay that on reading the Fenland District Council pre-application letter to the developers of the land for 95 homes at Estover area, that the district council are actually encouraging the development of this large scale housing in an area that only a year ago was deleted from the Local Plan.

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Victoria Gillick

LETTER: Unacceptable that MP Steve Barclay doesn’t answer letters from constituents about legislation coming before Parliament

Does anyone know what our MP Steve Barclay thinks about anything requiring his personal moral judgement?

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Wisbech free car boot sale

LETTER: Hotelier was right - Wisbech Market Place is not the place for car boot sales

I believe that the owner of the Rose and Crown in Wisbech has every right to be properly concerned about what the town council are doing to Wisbech Market Place.

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Sunday car boot sale in Wisbech market place further degrades image of the town

There is a certain irony in the Wisbech Town Council plan to establish a car boot sale on the market place.

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There’s far too much secrecy in our councils and blatant misrepresentation of the facts

Yet another quote form Councillor David Oliver about which I am truly mystified.

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