February 8 2016 Latest news:

Bernard Keane at work

LETTER: ‘Pat on the back’ for hardworking Bernard Keane who did his bit for Peterborough IWA

But you’ve got to admire any octogenarian who turns up and pitches in with manual labour for Peterborough Internal Waterways Association clearing the banks of the Horseway arm of the Forty Foot.

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LETTER: ‘Roddons should be named and shamed for not looking after its tenants - like those in Wisbech housing scheme’

One development is John F Kennedy Court. There is black mould in some of the flats and Roddons do not want to know but it is all right for a young lady and her children to pay Roddons £100 per week for sub standard housing.

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LETTER: Whittlesey would like a mini-development corporation too

I have read with interest and a little envy, the good news about the huge expansion plans for Wisbech and the creation of a ‘development corporation’ for the town.

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LETTER: Silence over Whittlesey supermarket debacle is ‘deafening’

The silence is deafening. In vain I have looked for the past two to three weeks for any reference to the Sainsbury’s debacle.

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LETTER: Wisbech’s ‘new vision’ is a ‘short sighted vision’

Included in this ‘new vision’ was a fantasy 10 point guide outlining the impact of the plan on the wider community. Here is a more realistic 10 point guide on the impact of the plan.

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