July 23 2016 Latest news:

LETTER: ‘We still need to work on uniting the divided people in this country’

Britain has decided - and that was a democratic decision, whether we like it or not.

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LETTER: Many questions to answer post-Brexit

At time of writing we are ‘out’ when almost half wanted ‘in’.

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Nicola Sturgeon

LETTER: ‘I accuse Nicola Sturgeon of being an “arrogant self-centred egotistical power-seeking hypocrite”

I would like to strongly make my views known about the behaviour of Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister for Scotland.

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Council does not neglect the needs of visitors to town events

I would just like to reply about the last letter from Erbie Murat

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Public Inquiry into Fengrain AD plant. Picture: Steve Williams.

Fengrain show no compassion to their neighbours claim

Once again Fengrain Limited are using up the valuable resources of both Fenland District Council and the Secretary of States Inspectorate, which means they are also using the ever depleting financial resources of these departments.

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