July 7 2015 Latest news:

Parking issues in Berryfield, March.

Well done to Cllr Stephen Court for challenging Fenland Council planning committee on Berryfield homes application

I write to take my hat of to Councillor Stephen Court for having the courage to speak out and challenge Fenland District Council’s planning committee.

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Host urgently needed for French family visiting Wisbech for town’s Arles Festival

The Arles Twinning Club is hosting a group from Arles for the Arles Festival in Wisbech on Sunday, July 12. The visitors from Arles stay with families in and around Wisbech.

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Prime Minister overestimated his power and authority over promise for better EU deal – and should tender resignation

Yes! You’ve got it, our Prime Minster promised as part of his election pledge he would secure a better future for the people of Britain with a new EU deal.

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I hope we won’t be expected to contribute to ‘our Ferry Meadows’

Your report of the Sainsbury’s planning meeting and with regards to the statement by Dee Laws that “this could be our Ferry Meadows”.

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Saturday Café event in Wisbech is first of a number of events where people can air their views

Following the article headlined online: The biggest day to give people a chance to air problems with the NHS has been booked - for the same day as the Rose Fair in Wisbech.

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