April 30 2016 Latest news:

David Maile says Hereward the Wake is an unsung hero

Walk to raise awareness of the hero that is Hereward The Great

On June 2 and 3 I am doing a fundraising walk from Peterborough Cathedral to Ely Cathedral along the Hereward Way national footpath.

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Cambridgeshire Police and crime commissioner urged to give funding for support for child victims of sexual abuse

With the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections less than a month away, I am writing to you all of the candidates to ask them to pledge support for our It’s Time campaign and commit to ensuring that support for children who are victims of abuse and neglect is included in their delivery plan.

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LETTER: Police patrols seem a good idea, but need looking at in detail

As Cllr Tierney is starting his patrols I would like to know whether the members of his patrols will be CRB checked or will this just be an oversight on his and the councils part.

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Library consultation is flawed

On Friday April 1st I received the results of the recent library consultation by email and by Saturday morning Wisbech Library was already displaying the new opening hours that “had been agreed by public consultation”.

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March is not a ghost town

Wisbech is welcome to their 10,000 new homes in the garden city plans (have they sold us short? Front page last week).

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