May 25 2016 Latest news:

LETTER: Why do we need another authority - just devolve powers to the ones we’ve got

I hope I’m not the only one in the county not to understand why if the Government is so keen on devolution why it will not devolve powers for health, planning and transport direct to the county council we already have - without new costs being brought in with a new structure?

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LETTER: Every legal employment agency must have a licence from the GLA

In response to a letter published in last week’s Postbag column by Mr John Smithee. I would like to re educate this gentleman with the law.

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LETTER: I support the landlord register is a good idea

As a socialist, I would like to comment on the proposed register by Fenland District Council (FDC) of private landlords in the Wisbech area.

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rubbish dumped

LETTER: Streets should not be used as a dumping ground

Yet under the surface and not too far from Nene Parade and the Boat House are these regular welcoming sights.

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LETTER: Remember the words of Churchill on a united Europe

Gordon Brown is the latest fossil to be dragged out of the cupboard to tell us how stupid we would all be to leave the European Union.

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