March 6 2015 Latest news:

ShapeYourPlace failed to make public sector more open and transparent

I would like to say my experience of ShapeYourPlace has often led me to wonder if the project was worthwhile.

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Changes to Broadend Junction, on A47 Wisbech bypass, are a waste of money

Who on earth did the measurements from the junction at Broadend Road for the new supposed safety signs!?

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Wisbech market place.

What has Wisbech Town Council done with £25,000 it received from Fenland Council to improve market place?

Twelve years ago, when Patrick O’Dell was mayor of Wisbech, he expressed the most serious concerns about the market place when he said: “What a mess.”

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Farming is no longer about sustainability ... it’s about regeneration

Farming practices must change. It’s no longer about sustainability, it’s about regeneration.

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Co-op’s closure marked the end of an era for Chatteris

Saturday, February 14, 2015 marked the end of an era for Chatteris.

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