Audio: 999 call made during West Norfolk family’s kidnap of pregnant woman

16:55 03 April 2014

Gertrude Frankham.

Gertrude Frankham.


The recording of a 999 call, played in court during the trial of 11 members of a West Norfolk family who abducted and viciously attacked a man and his partner, has been released.

The victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were separately held against their will and subject to sustained beatings by the group in April last year.

Spanning three generations, those involved in the offences were all related to Gertrude Frankham who died at her home in Walpole St Andrew, aged 75, in December 2012.

West Norfolk family jailed for total of 60 years over kidnap and false imprisonment offences

Becoming convinced in the months that followed that she had in fact been killed, the attacks were launched by the family in a bid to force a confession from the people they thought were involved.

During the attack on the woman, who was seven months pregnant, Sheila Conboy - one of Mrs Frankham’s daughters - called police to say she had confessed to murder.


Police call handler: Police emergency.

Sheila Conboy: Yes can we have the police down here and an ambulance please?

PCH: What offence has been committed?

SC: Can we have a police van here as well?

PCH: What’s happened first?

SC: A murder has been committed.

PCH: A murder?

SC: Yes...yep.

PCH: Who is it that’s been murdered?

SC: A lady. Can you send the police down please?

PCH: I just need some information off you.

SC: Right, it’s on Wisbech Road.

PCH: Is that the address?

SC: Yes.

PCH: Vanessa Frankham.

SC: Yes, Vanessa Frankham.

PCH: What about Vanessa Frankham?

SC: Get the police there and get them to come down to the yard.

PCH: What’s your name please?

SC: Sheila Conboy

PCH: Sheila.

SC: Yes, there’s a murder, there’s been a murder that’s been committed. There’s a lot of people here, I’m trying my best here.

PCH: So who do you say has been murdered?

SC: There’s been a murder committed.

PCH: Who’s been murdered?

SC: Mrs Frankham’s been murdered.

PCH: Who has been, Vanessa?

SC: No, not Vanessa.

PCH: Who?

SC: My mum. My mum’s been killed, they suffocated my mum in bed.

PCH: What’s your mum’s name?

SC: Gertrude Frankham. She died on 14th December.


PCH: December, so no-one’s been murdered today?

SC: No. My mum was murdered by a pillow, they suffocated my mum…okay so can you get down here.

PCH: So what are we coming to you know then if...

SC: We’ve hit her, we’ve hit her and she’s pregnant and we’ve hit her.

PCH: What’s her name?


SC: That’s all you need to know...


PCH: So why have you got her there?

SC: confess to that...


PCH: Sheila, Sheila listen to me.

SC: Are you getting something sorted out now? Emergency units?

PCH: Where are you... Where is the woman being held?

SC: My mum’s place, my mum’s place where they killed her.


PCH: Why are you holding her there?

SC: We’re holding her...I will tell you when the police get here. Get the police here, get the police here mate. I’m talking to you, I keep talking to you over the phone and you can hear her and hear what’s going on.

PCH: Is she alright?

SC: Yeah, don’t worry but my mum ain’t though.

PCH: Who is there with you Sheila?

SC: My family...all my family are here love. My step sister from London and everything else. I told them police my mother was murdered. They suffocated my mum with a pillow and my mum was sick.

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