Marshland High School students deliver Christmas hampers to the homeless

The Christmas hampers were donated to Octavia View. The Christmas hampers were donated to Octavia View.

Friday, December 20, 2013
8:00 AM

Students have done their bit for people who are going through hardship this Christmas.

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Pupils at Marshland High School, West Walton, delivered 10 Christmas hampers packed with gifts to Octavia View, which is run by homeless charity Luminus Ferry Project.

Keith Smith, who runs the Ferry Project, said the students’ generosity would make a massive difference to the 35 homeless people who will be spending Christmas in the shelter.

He said: “It is wonderful to be able to share the gifts with the people at the shelter.

“These are people at the lowest ebbs in their life, so it makes a big difference to them to know that there are people in Wisbech who care enough about them to take time and energy to give them these lovely gifts.

“Christmas is one of the hardest times of year for them, because they don’t have family or friends to share it with.

“The gifts are very precious and we are very grateful for them.”

Debi Benson, head of Gainsborough House at Marshland High School, paid tribute to the students.

She said: “It has been so amazing to see the effort that all the students put in to making sure that others experience a happy time at Christmas.

“The students here at Marshland are really developing an understanding of the hardship that some people face and how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of others.”





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