Turbine terrier Hayes pitches into battle to protect communities from being over run with them and says ‘enough is enough’

PUBLISHED: 15:19 01 November 2012

John Hayes MP

John Hayes MP


TORY MP and energy minister John Hayes is at a centre of a political storm by insisting communities have the right to stop the flood of wind turbines from being built.

Mr Hayes, the MP for South Holland, told journalists from two national papers that the country could “no longer have wind turbines imposed on them”.

He said enough was enough and he had commissioned research on how wind turbines affect house prices and the rural landscape.

Mr Hayes threw doubt on the future of onshore wind turbines locally by claiming only a minority of wind turbines in the planning system – 500 a year for the next eight years are planned- would be approved but that they would be enough to meet the Government’s renewable energy targets.

“I can’t single-handedly build a New Jerusalem but I can protect our green and pleasant land,” said Mr Hayes

“We need to understand communities’ genuine desires. We will form our policy in the future on the basis of that, not on a bourgeois Left article of faith based on some academic perspective.”

He added: “If you look at what has been built, what has consent and what is in the planning system, much of it will not get through and will be rejected.”

However he has been slapped down by Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Ed Davey, who insisted there was “no change to Government policy on renewable energy”.

Contradicting his junior Minister, who was appointed to the role in September’s reshuffle, Mr Davey said: “There are no targets – or caps – for individual renewable technologies such as onshore wind.

“Nor are there reviews being done of onshore wind on the basis of landscape or property values.

“What we’re currently consulting on is ways of making sure local communities feel the benefit of hosting wind farms, and whether our understanding of future costs is accurate.”


  • What boring old tory, where does he think the power is coming from? It is always the old fudders that moan about win farms, but then they were the fossil fuel generation, polluted the planet, cause global warming. We now have the offer of clean energy, and all the oldies keep saying "No" not in my back yard. To be honest they won't be here to influence it that much it WILL have to happen, we need energy and both gas and oil won't be there. We have loads of farmers fields standing idle (which one day we will need to rely on to feed us). I was speaking to an old fudder the other day, barking on about parking etc. I said, when the fuel runs out it will be back to the good old horse and cart. He said "Oh it will electric cars". Where on earth does he think the power is going to come from...scotch mist? It really is laughable. Then he was on about hydrogen cars.............I mean, what an old fudder. This silly little MP thinks he is talking sense, he is so out of touch, but then again he is a member of the old fudder gang.

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    Thursday, November 1, 2012

  • He also blabs on about his upper class tory house prices. What an old fudder. So he's going to sit in his 6 bedroom mansion with no lighting, heating, and very little food. Wouldn't want his house price affected by a wind farm?. Oh I know there will still be a bit of fuel to keep his little empire. Look Mr Tory Fudder, there won't be (you will probably be ok as you will be in a better place due to natural life expectancy, but what about the younger generation, they will surely want power. Do you really want to rely on Nuclear power Mr Fudder, is that what you want? Where do you propose power will come from to iron your nice MP Shirt..come get real there will be a need for power and wind will be one of the best sources, like you the country has plenty of free wind

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    Thursday, November 1, 2012

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