Jody Cundy pictured last year on a return visit to Wisbech: here he is with pupils from Elm School Wisbech

World champion Jody bruised but otherwise fine after being knocked off his bike in Mallorca

Monday, February 11, 2013
12.16 PM

WISBECH para-cyclist and world champion Jody Cundy is bruised but otherwise fine after being knocked off his bike whilst riding in Mallorca.

The 34 year-old took to Twitter to explain that “I got knocked off my bike when I overtook a car that indicated one way and then decided to change his mind as I was coming past”.

Jody, the reigning C4 kilo world champion, had earlier noted how “the first half of my ride today went really well. I was feeling pretty good for the return leg home”.

He tweeted he’d even “bumped into” world champion cyclist Jiří Ježek before being hit.

“Thankfully I’m in one piece, a few cuts to my knee and bruised the pad of my palm,” said Jody. But all in one piece and able to fight another day.”

He added: “The car has two big marks down the side from my shoe and handlebars, hopefully the driver will look twice next time.”

Saturday’s incident comes shortly after Jody gave an interview to BBC East Sport in which he bemoaned the lack of major international track para-cycling competitions: there are none scheduled until 2014.

“Unfortunately track cycling is very far from being healthy,” he told the BBC. “Being a track cyclist sucks at the moment,” he told BBC East Sport.

“It’s very bleak when it comes to competitions,” added the 34-year-old. “We have no competitions planned for 2013. The next big one is March 2014, the world championships, although that’s not been officially confirmed.”

The International Cycling Union (UCI), who took over from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2006 said the reason for so few competitions was the lack of organisers.

A spokesman said: “The interest is definitely there, but it is difficult to find organisers.”