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  • you sure you reviewed the DVD of the movie and not the movie itself ? And that too, giving just 64 points out of 100 ? Are you kidding me here ? I don't understand that why are people finding it so damn hard to just simply accept the fact that this movie was the Better spiderman Movie than Spiderman (2002) ? I mean how hard is that ? I am not a fanboy trying to defend a movie as I grew up with the Raimi trilogy and simply loved them (except EMO-Man 3)..of course.this movie too had a couple of plot holes, but other than that, this movie was nothing but PERFECT, it had a good rigid storyline, non-cheesy script, excellent acting( kudos to Garfield), uber Realistic CGI, not the meanest, but a good and smart Villian who looked absolutely flawless( yes I missed his snout but still, does the trick :) and last but not the least intense ACTION !!! this movie is really gripping, leaves you begging for more...all in All .. 910 anytime, Best Spiderman movie \m can't wait for the Sequel, it's gonna kick a#% too :D

    Ronit Mukherjee

    Sunday, February 17, 2013

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