Meet the TikTok baker who has served up sweet treats for the Royal Family

George's Bakery - at the Ely and St Ives markets - is a viral TikTok success

George's Bakery is a viral TikTok success, and customers travel to St Ives and Ely markets from far and wide to taste the sweet treats - Credit: George's Bakery/Instagram

A Cambridgeshire baker has become a viral TikTok sensation, racking up millions of likes and views with his sweet treats, recipes and days out in Ely and St Ives.

George Hepher, the 26-year-old behind George's Bakery in Needingworth, has even baked for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall - Prince Charles and Camilla.

"Most TikTok bakers are either men who are shirtless or people who bake 'on the side'," George told this newspaper.

"I'm just doing my thing - but it is really my thing as a baker."

The Prince of Wales meets George Hepher at Ely Market in 2018

The Prince of Wales meets George Hepher at Ely Market in 2018 - Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Images

George founded his bakery in March 2015 and used Instagram to showcase his rocky roads, chocolate slices slathered with ganache, and caramel-covered cakes.

More than 6,000 Instagram posts later - and now with more than 364,000 TikTok followers - he now sells cake across the UK through his online shop.

But the markets at Ely and St Ives have always been "home".

"My dad started out on the markets and still runs Hephers Electrical in St Ives.

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"I began baking at home because my mum's a really good cook.

"When I was at Sixth Form, I decided I didn't want to work for anyone else, so I thought I had better work for myself."

George Hepher with his Easter 2022 cake

People come from across the country to find George at the Ely and St Ives markets, where he serves sweet treats such as his Easter 2022 cake - Credit: George's Bakery/Instagram

His videos feature recipes for thick caramel, Milkybar ganache and golden syrup cake.

One TikTok even runs through George's day at Ely Market, which begins with cake baking at 2am.

Queues in the city begin as early as 7.30am, one hour before George begins serving.

After a trip back to the kitchen, George finally gets home at 6.30 in the evening.

George Hepher creates cakes with risqué names such as crevice and bulge

George Hepher creates cakes with risqué names such as crevice and bulge - Credit: George's Bakery/Instagram

The baker said he made his first claim to fame when the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall visited Ely Market.

"Prince Charles visited Ely Market - that was exciting... for him!

"He ate some of my pecan pie, and Camilla had one of my Bailey's custard tarts."

Despite his global fame on TikTok, George still believes in the importance of Cambridgeshire's markets.

He said: "It's really lovely because so much of what I do is a bit of fun online, but I love meeting people.

"We have people that will travel hours and hours to these markets, and to our stall after watching the TikToks!

"People will always queue for cake."

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