Narrow gauge

Councillor Gordon Gillick is well out of touch with Britain in 2014 and epitomises why Wisbech has been without a rail facility since 1968.

Thanks to people with narrow-minded views like his, we are still waiting to join the train to paradise and prosperity.

Thank goodness that we now have some forward thinking people who can see the potential of a commercial railway to Wisbech, rather than the well meaning but misguided people who say that a heritage line is our only hope.


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Not sporting

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It was nice to see an event at Thomas Clarkson Academy in the paper, I was dismayed when I read it. A top badminton player took time to go to the school only to work with a girl’s rugby team!

My two sons play badminton and represent the school.

If Anthony Clark’s sport is badminton, he should have worked with the school’s badminton players.


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Hard shoes to fill

Mike Chapman will be missed.

He has worked so hard for Fenland District Council organising all of the various markets and events in the Fenland area. He was always there from 5am until the end.

It will be very hard to fill his shoes. Good luck Mike.


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It’s a gift

SAGA is advertising for an assistant manager for a charity shop in March, with a salary of £7,800 per year. If this is the salary for an assistant manager, what does the manager get?

I thought all staff in charity shops were volunteers? No wonder they charge so much.


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Free coverage

Following your front page election story about former Wisbech town clerk Erbie Murat standing for election to Fenland District Council, I assume all the other candidates will also be given similar free electioneering coverage? We wouldn’t want to think that the paper was favouring one candidate over another, would we?


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