�100 fine for Fenland dad who stuffed cannabis into rectum and challenged police to retrieve it

A FATHER of two stuffed cannabis into his rectum and challenged a female police officer to retrieve the drug, a court heard.

Solly Smith had been asleep when officers turned up at his home in the early hours - and officers took possession of the class B drug from his pocket.

Smith was “groggy and confused” when he awoke, and seemed annoyed to find police in his bedroom.

Prosecutor Emma Duckett told Fenland magistrates: “He snatched the cannabis from an officer, put his hands down his trousers and tucked the drug into his rectum.”

Smith was taken to the police station after telling officers: “now try to get it back.”

But an application for an intimate search was refused “because the drug posed no danger to the defendant”, explained Miss Duckett.

Smith, 28, of Hassock Way, Wimblington, admitted obstructing a police officer acting under the powers of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

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Solicitor Kevin Warboys said smith smokes a small amount of cannabis, but not in front of his children.

Mr Warboys said: “He went to bed after having a fair amount to drink; he went to sleep and was not prepared for the police visit.

“He became aware that officers were in possession of a small amount of his remaining cannabis. He took it back and officers were unable to retrieve it; it was a small amount of herbal cannabis.”

Fining Smith �100, presiding magistrate Peter Waterfield said: “If you are drinking and buying cannabis, presumably your children are going without.”

Unemployed Smith protested, saying he spent no more than �10 a fortnight on cannabis and seldom drank alcohol.

Mr Waterfield said: “It seems strange to us that you do that on family benefits.”

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