110mph motorist on A47 fined and banned from driving

A MAN who drove at 110mph along a main road in the Fens has been disqualified from driving.

David John Price, 29, was travelling on the A47 at Terrington St John, near Wisbech, in a Volkswagen on June 13 when he was caught travelling at 40mph over the speed limit.

Price, of Swanton Close, March, pleaded guilty to exceeding the 70mph on the dual carriageway at King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court today.

Yvonne Neill, prosecuting, said the 29-year-old was travelling towards Wisbech when he was caught speeding by a police officer at 2.23pm.

She added: “He was stopped at the scene and cautioned. He was polite and helpful throughout.”

Alan Wheetman, defending, said: “He has no excuse for driving at that speed but I will add the road was clear both behind and ahead of him and it was a clear, bright day.

“He felt the freedom of the open road and let his car pick up speed beyond the limit. He was surprised when the officer told him he was travelling over 100mph because he didn’t think his car could do that speed. He is very remorseful.

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“He drives a lot of miles every year and his work as a security and fire safety engineer takes him all over the country.

“He realises at that speed it brings him into the disqualification bracket - albeit at the lower end of the scale.

“He has been honest with his employers. It will be an inconvenience for his employers to provide him with a driver but it is something that could be arranged.

He added: “He accepts the dangers that can be done with that speed.”

Lead magistrate Karen Norris said it was a “very high” speed and disqualified Price for 28 days.

The security and fire safety engineer was also ordered to pay a �215 fine and court costs of �75.

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