An urgent plea not to swim in a Fenland pit has been issued by fire chiefs.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue issued the warning today.

Their spokesperson said: “We’re aware of reports of people visiting Star Pit, between Whittlesey and Kings Dyke, and going in the water.

“Please keep out of the water”.

Cambs fire and rescue added: “There are many hidden dangers beneath the surface.

“Sheer drops, deep ice-cold water in some parts, and former quarry materials and machinery lurking below, are just some of the hazards there.”

The spokesperson added: “If you want to go for a swim, head to a leisure centre or join an open water swimming group.

“It’s not worth the risk.”

One resident told them that “there's a lot of old quarry machinery and detritus under the waters and the pit is over 100ft deep.

“It would cost a fortune to make it safe again”.

But another added: “Locals have been swimming in these pits for years, you won't stop it happening.

“All you can do is put danger warning signs up”