A dedicated volunteer, who was given an award by the Queen for voluntary service, said it was “absolutely incredible” to be acknowledged by the monarch.

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service by groups in the community was created by the Queen in 2002 and it the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK.

It is an annual award given to groups in the voluntary sector, with the winners receiving a certificate signed by the Queen and a domed glass crystal.

Brian Pearce, MBE, of Railworld Wildlife Haven in Peterborough, worked to completely transform a derelict piece of land into a tranquil community garden with the help of volunteers.

In 2018, Mr Pearce was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service.

He said: “Out of the blue I got the envelope with a royal seal on the back.

“It said we had won the Queen’s award for voluntary service. I felt absolutely incredible.

“It brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to tell my mum but she’s not here anymore.”

Just three weeks later, Mr Pearce was also awarded by the now Prince of Wales, on November 10, which was signed by Her Majesty and Prince Philip.

He said: “Prince William said to me ‘I understand you have been building a wildlife haven?

“I said ‘yes and we now want to raise more money to build an ‘Earth Centre’ because people don’t understand about climate change – and if they don’t understand it, they won’t bother about it’.

“The prince said he totally agreed and I explained that we already have a small Earth Centre with a solar-powered globe, so he said ‘keep in touch with the palace and when you are ready to open the new centre, contact us again and me and my father will come and open it for you.’”

Mr Pearce added: “I know it was only something said between us in conversation but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get King Charles III and the Prince of Wales to come to Peterborough and open the new Earth Centre for us, when it’s built?”

Award winners of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee award are invited to attend a royal garden party by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.