A new red light system which aims to "prevent crime" and improve public and passenger safety is being proposed at a town railway crossing.

Network Rail want to install red light safety equipment (RLSE) on the northern and southern side of the Ramsey Road crossing in Whittlesey.

It plans to install columns six metres in height and an adjacent 700mm high steel feeder pillar on each side of the crossing within a 24 square-metre site.

"The southern side will include a safety fence as a precaution for/during camera maintenance to ensure workers do not fall into the ‘gully’ behind them,” said Network Rail.

"The fence will be approximately one metre high and have a steel aesthetic.”

The RLSE will also consist of three cameras to provide an overview of an incident, recognise registration number plates and monitor traffic signals at the crossing.

Network Rail say that the plans “will not have an unacceptable adverse impact on the amenity or character of the local area.

“The proposed RLSE will help to prevent crime occurring on the highway network and reduce level crossing risk.

“This will help to improve the safety of the general public and railway passengers.”