A medical charity that helps dozens of families across the region has donated £25,000 of specialist equipment to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.

Thanks to their latest round of fundraising, Whittlesey charity No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK) has been able to donate 24 new syringe drivers, which are used in palliative care.

The amount the charity has donated this time around is a ‘fundraising milestone’ for them.

Syringe drivers are small, computerised machines which are programmed to deliver a steady stream of pain relief and other drugs.

The machines can help patients remain at home with their families instead of having to go into hospital or a hospice.

Many large areas share a small number of the machines in the community which cost over £1,100 each.

Lee Nicholls, NGNPUK co-founder, said: “These syringe drivers make such a difference. We want people to have the option for one without waiting.”