Hundreds of food hampers are being prepared by a March-based organisation in a bid to tackle half-term hunger across the region.

20Twenty Productions are sending out pre-packed boxes, including ingredients and specially designed recipe books for cooking on a budget.

Each parcel also includes vouchers for families in Fenland to purchase fresh fruit and veg from their local town markets at a discounted rate.

Cambs Times: Food being packed into bags at March Town Hall.Food being packed into bags at March Town Hall. (Image: 20Twenty Productions)

The hampers have been funded by ‘The Winter Food and Fuel Grant’ and the ‘Fenland and East Cambs Opportunity Area’ fund.

Emma Oakley, programme co-ordinator, said “As well as providing food, it is really important that families receive information to help them to be more resilient in supporting themselves through these challenging times.”

Parcels have been made up by a team of volunteers who have helped collect food, put the hampers together and deliver them to families across the Fens.

20Twenty Productions have also been delivering a cooking at home project with young people across the region.

Cambs Times: Tinned items being placed into half-term food hampers.Tinned items being placed into half-term food hampers. (Image: 20Twenty Productions)

Katherine Nightingale, director, said: “Over six weeks, the young people received the ingredients for six main meals and six desserts with recipe cards and some kitchen utensils.

“So far, we have worked with 64 young people and we have funding to continue this project for the next 12 months thanks to the Fenland and East Cambs Opportunity Area.”

One parent said: “Finn has loved the Cooking from Home six-week programme kindly provided by 20Twenty Productions.

Cambs Times: Finn enjoying one of his freshly-made meals by 20Twenty Productions.Finn enjoying one of his freshly-made meals by 20Twenty Productions. (Image: 20Twenty Productions)

“He has learnt how to read recipes and measurements, how to slice ingredients safely and how to stay focused and pay attention to each part of the recipes.

“He has loved the whole process of adding ingredients together, creating something unique and most of all seeing the finished product. It's been great fun for the whole family.”

Starting next week, 20Twenty Productions will be running a three-week programme for families to develop their cooking skills.

This will take place at March Town Hall where at least one adult and up to two children will prepare a main meal and dessert for all their family to take home that evening.

Cambs Times: More of 20Twenty Productions' half-term hampers.More of 20Twenty Productions' half-term hampers. (Image: 20Twenty Productions)

This is funded by Cambridgeshire Skills and delivered by qualified chef Sally Louth.

“These programmes compliment the other great work that is being done across the district including, the new Community Fridge based at FACT, the hot meals provided by Chat-Tea and the food made available at the REMO Eco-Superstore in Wisbech,” added Mrs Nightingale.