Wisbech mayor Aigars Balsevics has been removed as as the designated premises supervisor of Wisbech pub The Angel.

A licensing review decided tonight the licence will be suspended for three months
"A condition is to be attached to the licence which states that the current DPS (Mr
A Balsevics) must not have any further managerial responsibility for the premises," said a statement from Fenland Council.

That includes responsibility for the day to day running of the public house and
hold any supervisory position associated with the public house.

This condition will still apply should there be a change of name for the premises while a premises licence is in place authorising the sale or supply of alcohol

The licensing committee found that the two following licensing objectives have been undermined "by a disregard of Covid regulations and health and safety legislation, even in the absence of any disorder” in the general sense of the word".

They quoted the Prevention of Crime and Disorder and• public safety

Here's part of the conclusions of Fenland Council licensing committee

67.We conclude that the DPS was fully aware of his responsibilities but chose to
ignore them on 24th. Covid regulations were largely ignored as was the Health
and Safety at Work Act.

There were little or no safeguarding for employees and
customers. The motive behind this blatant disregard can only be for profit.

68.We find such behavior during the pandemic as was on 24th, staggering to say
the least. Not only were staff put at risk and those in attendance but also
persons in the wider community who may well come into contact with those
present on the day.

We are all fully aware of how easy the Covid 19 virus can be
transmitted and what are the consequences not only for those infected but for
the burden placed on the NHS.

69.We have grave concerns that the door was locked whilst customers were in the
premises, especially as a doorman was employed on the night to control