The moment a driver decided to plough through the flooded A1101 has been caught on camera, revealing one driver who didn’t make it.

Press photographer Terry Harris captured the moment his 4x4 car sailed across the road with ease, successfully making it to the other side.

The same couldn’t be said for one driver caught on Harris’ video as one very damp car can be seen seemingly abandoned at the roadside.

Cambs Times: Photographer Terry Harris drives through the flooded A1101 at Welney.Photographer Terry Harris drives through the flooded A1101 at Welney. (Image: © Terry Harris)

Just days before capturing the video on December 19, he said: "I walked through it because I had wellies on and the road is very deep.

"There was also a motorbike that went through it, but he turned around and went back. He didn't fancy it in the end.

"One of the vans had actually broken down while a 4x4 was left abandoned.”

Terry also spotted a muntjac deer struggling to make its way through the floodwater.

"The deer was trying to cross the road but he didn't know what to do," he added.