Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge has been revealed as the eighth most expensive hospital for parking in the UK and the most expensive outside of London.

Parking at Addenbrooke's sets visitors and patients back a whopping £22 for 24 hours parking and also charges £13.30 for just six hours.

The research, conducted by Motorfinity, analysed parking charge data from more than 120 of the UK’s top hospitals to determine the most expensive for patient and visitor car parking for 24 hours.

Chief operating officer at Motorfinity, Dean Skiba, said: "Some of the charges found in this research are pretty eye-watering.

“Some UK hospitals offer concessions and discounts where necessary but for the vast majority of people, these charges are a harsh reality.

"Households are at breaking point with the cost of living crisis and these charges will surely be a concern to many.”

Topping the most expensive hospital parking in all of the UK was found to be St Thomas’ hospital in London, costing £76.80 for 24 hours parking and £19.20 for six hours.

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