Cambridge Living Streets, Camcycle and Cambridge Area Bus Users have announced the formation of the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance.

The group is calling on groups, businesses and individuals to 'think big' and speak up for the changes that can rapidly transform places and transport.

The three organisations, which campaign for better walking, cycling and public transport support the principle of a Sustainable Travel Zone for Cambridge.

They believe that the funding and opportunity presented by the Greater Cambridge Partnership offers a unique moment to reshape the city and wider county around the needs of its people.

They urge local residents to respond in support of the Sustainable Travel Zone in question 9 of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s current consultation. Individuals should also use the consultation survey to share their transport concerns and transform them into dreams for better places and transport. With £50 million of sustainable transport funding at stake, it’s vital that everyone gets involved to shape the proposal’s success.

In its launch document, The Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance said it aimed to "unite and inspire people in Cambridgeshire working for a transport network that protects our future and offers genuine choice".

Its vision is for a thriving region of opportunity and inclusion where people can get to where they want to be safely, easily and affordably.

It believes that places should be designed around people, and streets organised in line with the Highway Code’s hierarchy of road users.

David Stoughton of Cambridge Living Streets, said: “Too many people in Cambridgeshire aren’t able to walk safely to their local destinations including school, work, shops and local amenities. The Greater Cambridge Partnership must look to improve the transport system as a whole and work with communities to create walking, cycling and bus networks that complement each other."

Camcycle’s executive director, Roxanne De Beaux, said: “A recent survey showed that 88 per cent of our members support the principle of a Sustainable Travel Zone for Cambridge, which could be transformative for people in the area.

"They want local authorities to create a greener, healthier and more pleasant city to live and work in."

Richard Wood, secretary of Cambridge Area Bus Users, said: “With ever-deteriorating services affecting people’s lives, jobs and independence across the region, we must work for a frequent, reliable and sustainable bus network that becomes a preferred transport choice for people throughout Cambridgeshire. For too long, the voices of existing and potential bus users have been ignored, so we’re delighted to join the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance and help amplify their needs.”