A woman from March is releasing a brand-new children’s book ‘Hello, I’m New’ that has been 10 years in the making. 

32-year-old Emily Voss, known to her friends as EV, is releasing her new book ‘Hello, I’m New’ at the end of November. 

The book, written to teach children confidence and acceptance, is based in London and follows the anthropomorphised city scape. 

The Shard is the new big building in the city and anxious about their place in the historic architectural London landscape, the book shows their journey as they find their place among the existing buildings.Cambs Times: The cover of 'Hello I'm New'.The cover of 'Hello I'm New'. (Image: Emily Voss)

The Shard is joined by other famous buildings in London like the Gurkin who’s personified as a cool confident guy and the Houses of Parliament play the mediator between the buildings to settle arguments. 

Emily got the idea for ‘Hello, I’m New’ about a year after she moved to London when the Shard was opened in 2013. 

She visited the top floor to enjoy the view, and champagne, but when confronted by the expansive range of architecture in front of her, Emily was inspired.  

She felt a similarity to the Shard, realising that the majority of what she saw was classic Victorian design and the Shard came into the city new and unfamiliar just as she did after finishing university. 

Emily said: “There’s a bigger story behind it about being new, meeting new people and having differences between the people around you; to be confident when you’re somewhere new and embrace change. 

“All of my family have been really supportive, my fiancé and friends too but my mum has given me support through the 10 year project. 

“Everything she does is a major source encouragement.”  

Emily is hoping to see her book appearing in schools, particularly the All Saints Inter-Church Academy in March where she was educated as a child. 

To her, it’s of great importance that local children read the book and see that while city’s can be overwhelming at first they’re just as welcoming as anywhere else. 

The book is available for pre-order right now on Amazon before its release on November 30 2022, you can find it by clicking here.