Chatteris' ‘Poppy on a Lamppost’ fundraiser has raised more than £900 with 40 poppies dedicated to the 40 years since the Falklands war. 

This year, Chatteris Town Council’s Cllr James Carney has raised £935 with his yearly ‘Poppy on a Lamppost’ fundraiser. 

The fundraiser, in its fifth year, lets people sponsor a poppy with a donation to the Royal British Legion in commemoration of someone who’s fallen in combat. 

Cllr Carney said: “This year was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting to make as much as last year since everyone’s in a pinch. 

“A grand total of £935 was raised which is fantastic given the current financial climate so once again a huge thank you to all those local businesses, groups and individuals who supported this year's scheme.” 

Cllr Carney would like to give thanks to Alan Gowler, who helped put the poppies up, and his own son Noel, who helped take them down after Remembrance Sunday. 

Since Cllr Carney started the scheme in 2018, the scheme has raised around £4,300. 

The fundraiser will be skipped next year as Cllr Carney doesn’t want the fundraiser “to go too stale”.