The owner of a financial advice firm hopes their new Fenland office will allow it to continue achieving “exceptionally high” standards.

Mayflower Financial Planning officially launched their new office in March High Street on December 20, adding to their offices in Harwich, Essex.

It is the idea of the firm’s owner Ashlie Barnard, who moved to Cambridgeshire from Essex, and never felt an office in March would become reality.

“This is our second office, which was never on the cards,” said Ashlie.

“My standards are exceptionally high and it comes down to what is right for the client.”

The business’ move to the Fens was, in part, motivated by Ashlie’s teammates at March Town Cricket Club whom she sponsors.

Cambs Times: Mayflower Financial Planning have opened a new office on March High Street.Mayflower Financial Planning have opened a new office on March High Street. (Image: Daniel Mason)

Since moving to the March office, estimated to cost around £15,000 to refurbish, Ashlie and the team have seen an increase in new clients.

“I started Mayflower in 2014, mainly to give clients the service I feel is appropriate,” she said.

“In March, people care about what is going on in the community and embracing change.”

Ashlie will be joined by two other staff members in the March office, with other staff members being based in Harwich.

Some of the long-term plans for Mayflower Financial Planning include providing education programmes to schools, and businesses, on talking about money.

And Ashlie believes that through opening a new office in a different county, she can help more clients achieve their aims.

“Our aim is to help as many people to achieve their goals as we can,” she added.

“I think it is mainly about treating people with respect and that people can ask for help.”