A scheme that has successfully saved the lives of at least nine people in the county using the drug Naloxone has been extended to Fenland.

In 2021, officers in Cambridge and Peterborough were some of the first trained in the region to administer a nasal spray called naloxone that can help save the lives of those who've overdosed on opioids.

The success of the scheme has seen it extended to Fenland, so specially trained local officers will be able to administer the spray while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

One such occasion utilising the spray was in Cambridge on November 25 when PC Adam Price regained consciousness to an unconscious man on the Chesterton High Street pavement.

Superintendent Laura Hunt said: “It’s incredible to think a simple spray has helped to save the lives of nine people in the county.

“I’m so pleased we have now been able to extent the scheme to Fenland to help save even more lives."