Anglian Water issues water safety warning as warm weather set to coninue this week. 

As tempting as it might be to cool off from the warm weather, Anglian Water is reminding people to stay safe in the water, and only swim in reservoirs and open water where its safe and supervised by lifeguards.  

According to the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) around 300 people lose their lives to accidental drowning each year in the UK and Ireland – with 59 per cent of accidental drownings happening in inland bodies of water. 

Even the strongest of swimmers can run into difficulty, and as the weather begins to get warmer, it can be even more tempting to use our reservoirs to cool off.  

Will Kirstein, general manager at Rutland Water, said: “Our reservoirs are there to provide local communities with green spaces and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. 

“They’re also there to help us store water so that we have plenty of available resources to supply clean, high-quality drinking water to our customers.  

“They are very deep and can be extremely cold in places – even during periods of hot weather. The sudden change in temperature can cause a cold shock which can take your breath away and make it hard to swim.  

“There are also strong currents, mud and weeds that can put swimmers in real danger and as our reservoirs are operational sites, there is hidden machinery just below the water surface. 

“It is illegal to swim in our reservoirs and watercourses unless it is a properly designated bathing area that is supervised by a fully qualified lifeguard or at organised activities such as the Aqua Park at Rutland Water.” 

This is to make sure all visitors (and four legged friends) that come to enjoy our parks always remain safe.   

From June 17 – 24 RLSS will be raising awareness about water safety in their weeklong event: Drowning Prevention Week. The risk of accidental drowning increases significantly from May onwards, so the campaign is critical in raising awareness and encouraging members of the public to enjoy water safely. 

"It's hot and we know our reservoirs might look inviting to those who'd like a summer dip - but we want to keep you safe around water this summer," added Mr Kirstein. 

Anglian Water Advice

  1. Please only swim at supervised and lifeguarded sites. Please stay out of the water outside of designated areas and times;
  2. Look for signs and advice about the specific dangers at the place where you’re considering to swim We encourage everyone to learn basic survival, self-rescue and rescue skills;
  3. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times;
  4. Stay in the shallow areas of water as deep water will be colder;
  5. Please don't take any risks, like jumping off rocks or jetties. It might look fun, but it can be very dangerous, and help may be a long way away;
  6. Safety at our parks is important to us, so if you see anyone in our parks swimming where they shouldn't be please contact a member of our staff.