The Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service has issued advice about tumble dryer safety after they were called to two separate house fires this week. 

On Tuesday, firefighters in Peterborough dealt with a blaze that caused significant damage throughout a home and resulted in the death of a dog.

Then on Thursday, on-call firefighters in March responded to a second incident that was caused by a tumble dryer, resulting in two casualties.

In the second incident, crews were called to Creek Road at 12.21pm after receiving reports of a blaze.

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In a statement, Cambs Fire said: "The fire was out when crews arrived, however two casualties were treated for burns and left in the care of the ambulance service.

"The cause of the fire was believed to be accidental (tumble dryer)."

Cambs Fire have since shared the following tumble dryer safety advice:

While tumble dryers are a common household appliance, there are a few things people can do to reduce the risk of them catching fire in the home.

📴 Don’t leave tumble dryers unattended when in use – make sure you’re awake, alert and at home

👚 Don’t overload them. Always follow the manufacturers guidance on what you can use them for and how much can go in them.

⚪ Regularly clean filters and remove build-up of lint

✅ Ensure ducting is clear and free of build-up and make sure the external vent is clear and unobstructed

🔗 Register your appliances with and be alerted to any product recalls.

It’s also important to make sure that soke alarms are working and that they are tested regularly. 

And lastly, keep doors closed throughout the home – this will prevent smoke spreading throughout the building and reduce the damage caused if a fire does occur 🚪.