Parents are urged to check if they could be eligible for £200 of support to help towards the cost of school uniform.

Families struggling on low income could be entitled to the School Uniform grant, available from a number of councils in England.

Eligibility for the grant can vary from council to council and country to country, but generally those who claim free school meals, claim benefits, or are on low incomes are most likely to qualify for the support.

This is the qualifying criteria for the school uniforme grant in each nation of the UK.


As the school uniform grant isn’t compulsory in England only 31 councils offer the support, including nine councils who will only provide the grant in extreme circumstances.

To check if your council offers the grant, the Government website says: “You may be able to get help with school uniform costs. If you live in England, contact your local council to find out if there is support in your area.”

You can find out your council by entering your postcode at