Students at Cromwell Community College will soon be starting university life or beginning their chosen career path following the success of this year’s A-levels. 

With 64 per cent of the Year 13 cohort applying for university – of which 29 per cent of these were to Russell Group Universities – they will now be studying a range of subjects including aerospace engineering, sports journalism, digital marketing and law. 

These universities include the University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield and the University of Durham. 

One student has decided to go straight into employment and study a law degree via the Open University. 

Principal of Cromwell Community College, Jane Horn said: “I would like to recognise the dedication of students and staff, who have worked so hard to achieve these results. 

“I am delighted that so many young people are able to progress onto their chosen career path and I wish them all the best for future success.” 

Those who chose not to go to university are pursuing varied and exciting careers. These include the army, the police apprenticeship scheme, and higher level apprenticeships with prominent employers including Perkins Engines, BGL Insurance Group, MBDA missile systems and Leeding’s Property Group. 

Director of Sixth Form at Cromwell Community College, Heather Paul, spoke on the challenges that students faced as this was the first time they had sat external examination due to the impact of the pandemic. 

She said: “Our students have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results and dealt with various obstacles and challenges along the way. They are now independent young adults ready for the next steps in their life.”