CBD has taken the wellness scene by storm, but not everyone savors the flavor of natural CBD oil.

Are you looking for a tastier way to enjoy the benefits of CBD? Do you want to enjoy cannabidiol hemp products on the go?

Look no further than delicious CBD gummies — a treat for first-time users and experienced consumers alike!

This buyer’s guide is just as convenient as CBD sweets. We’ll show you the highest quality CBD gummies with vegan-friendly natural ingredients and premium organic hemp.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 phytocannabinoids naturally present in cannabis plants. It has gained popularity as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp plants, mainly because of its potential role in a comprehensive self-care and wellness routine.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that causes a high, CBD is not psychoactive or addictive. However, CBD does interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in body management.

Cannabidiol food supplements are generally well-tolerated, and authorized CBD products with a THC content of 0.02% or less are legally available to UK consumers.

Numerous studies delve into the intricate details of CBD's effects and potential side effects, but research is still in full swing. If you’re curious about CBD products or hemp extracts and how they may impact your wellness, please consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

Many experienced CBD users swear by CBD sweets. Delicious CBD gummies are convenient, portable, and predosed for your immediate enjoyment. These CBD edibles are a wonderful way to get a taste of CBD if you’re a first-time consumer!

Careful, though — the effects of CBD gummies do take a while to kick in. Stick with a low dose of CBD, and don’t fall into the temptation of eating the whole pack. They aren’t Haribo sweets, after all.

We road-tested all the CBD sweets on our list — and had a great time exploring all the options within the UK’s thriving CBD industry. Dive in to discover some of the best and top-rated CBD gummies for you!

CBD Gummies UK: Top-Rated Options

1. Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD, featured in the likes of Forbes and Reader’s Digest, stands out for many reasons:

  • Blessed CBD sources its organic hemp from trusted farmers in the European Union and Colorado (USA). Their farmers adhere to strict safety standards and avoid pesticides and herbicides to bring you the best CBD gummies they can.
  • This top brand uses supercritical CO2 extraction to make clean, safe, and high-quality CBD products.
  • Blessed CBD gummies are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
  • Third-party lab reports are available.

Blessed CBD’s high-quality hemp products include broad-spectrum CBD oil, vapes, vape liquids, CBD capsules and a CBD cream that acts locally on your skin. They have something for everyone, but we’re here for the gummies.

Cambs Times:

What can you expect? The amount of CBD in Blessed CBD gummies is 25 mg per gummy. Their tubs have 30 delicious CBD gummies each, all with natural flavors like watermelon, lemon, apple, and mango. These CBD sweets are made with CBD isolate, which means zero THC (no psychoactive effects — guaranteed).

2. Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD appears to be a rising star in the UK market, and the CBD company’s main claim to fame is a winning combo — premium quality and affordable prices.

We love this brand because:

  • Vibes CBD is a family-run CBD brand that sources its non-GMO hemp extract from organic farmers in Colorado.
  • Third-party lab reports make it easy to check the quality of your Vibes CBD gummies for yourself.
  • Vibes CBD uses clean CO2 extraction.
  • Vibes CBD’s product range includes CBD oil with terpenes and flavonoids, CBD capsules, and CBD gummies.

Get a taste of CBD with Vibes CBD’s delicious sweets, which have a CBD content of 25 mg each and are THC-free because they’re made with CBD isolate (pure CBD). These sweet treats come in beautiful tins that make them extra convenient, and the natural fruit flavors are genuinely tasty.

3. CBDistillery

CBDistillery is powered by a team of Colorado hemp plant enthusiasts on a mission to bring you delicious CBD gummies and other high-quality CBD products. While they’re a USA-based CBD brand, UK consumers can order their tasty treats online without any hassle.

CBDistillery offers an astonishing range of CBD gummies with a wide range of strengths. This popular brand offers full-spectrum CBD gummies, broad-spectrum CBD sweets, and CBD isolate gummies — in big tubs and with natural ingredients.

Watch out when ordering, because CBDistillery does offer THC gummies that aren’t legal on the UK market.

4. Love Hemp

Love Hemp has gained widespread recognition, and its tasty CBD gummies are available at major retailers like Holland & Barrett and Tesco (not just online, but also in person!).

This brand offers quality you can trust:

  • Love Hemp makes its high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD extracts with organic hemp.
  • Love Hemp’s hemp oil tinctures and CBD products have zero THC.
  • Of course, the brand’s CBD gummies are third-party lab tested to give you confidence in their quality.

The 5 mg CBD sweets Love Hemp makes are a good choice for beginners, while regular consumers might prefer its 10 or 20 mg CBD gummies. These treats are shaped like jelly domes, and their fruity flavors are derived from natural ingredients.

5. Zen Bears

Zen Bears makes delightful CBD gummy bears with a CBD content of 20 mg each. So if you’re craving gummies but also want to enjoy the benefits of CBD in your wellness routine, Zen Bears has exactly what you’re looking for.

These tasty CBD sweets are THC-free, fun, vegan-friendly, and made with natural ingredients. The high-quality glass tubs also make Zen Bears a perfect gift for a friend.

6. Beliebis

Beliebis is best known for its high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oils, but consumers looking for tasty natural CBD gummies should also give this UK brand another look.

Are you desperate to satisfy your sweet tooth? You better “believe” that Beliebis has your back — because this company doesn’t just focus on quality hemp extract, but also on quality candy. Think traditional fizzy cola or sour cherry, plus exciting cannabinoids!

With a CBD content of 20 mg per gummy, Beliebis’ cannabidiol-infused sweets are a fine choice for first-time users. This Devon-based company offers third-party lab reports and quality you can trust in!

7. Excite CBD

Excite CBD makes exquisite vegan CBD gummies in a variety of natural flavors. Your choices include CBD gummy bears, cola bottles, and neon rings — each with a CBD content of 25 mg for your enjoyment.

All their CBD products are of the highest quality, derived from industrial hemp, and have zero THC. While Excite is a UK company, its hemp plants are organically grown in the USA, without pesticides.

Why is Blessed CBD considered one of the best CBD gummies?

Here’s a breakdown of the factors to consider when shopping for the highest quality CBD gummies:

  • Organic hemp: Choose natural CBD gummies made with organic hemp plants grown by reputable farmers without pesticides or herbicides, like the ones from Blessed CBD.
  • Safe extraction methods: Look for brands that use safe extraction methods like supercritical CO2 extraction and solvent extraction with olive oil.
  • CBD concentrations: Check the amount of CBD per gummy to make sure you’re getting your desired dose.
  • Form of CBD: Delicious CBD gummies are made with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate hemp extract. Full-spectrum gummies contain a range of beneficial compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. They have a minimal THC content of 0.02% or less. Broad-spectrum gummies may have trace amounts of THC, while CBD isolate gummies only have CBD without other cannabinoids.
  • Third-party lab testing: Trustworthy UK CBD brands are transparent and have their CBD gummies tested by third-party labs. Independent testing ensures quality, purity, and safety.

Buy CBD gummies with natural ingredients, and look for vegan-friendly and gluten-free certifications if that’s important to you. Brands like Blessed CBD and Vibes CBD are great options for high quality CBD gummies.

Getting Started with the Best CBD Gummies UK: How to Enjoy the Benefits of CBD

Has this buyer’s guide inspired you to fill your digital shopping basket? If you’re a first-time user, you may want a little guidance on using CBD products.

New consumers should know that it can take a while for cannabidiol to build up in your system and yield the desired effect. Be patient — start with a low dose of CBD, and don’t be tempted to take more if you don’t feel anything. Give yourself a few weeks to experience the full effect of CBD in your wellness routine, and trust the process.

We know CBD sweets are a real treat, but grab yourself a bag of other candies if you want to finish the whole bag. Cannabidiol gummies are best enjoyed one at a time!

Disclaimer: This guide, compiled by NutraHolistics, an online health supplement retailer, summarizes an evaluation of over 20 CBD gummies. The study included 10 individuals, each with unique lifestyle conditions, under the guidance of lifestyle consultant, Nathalia Hoedjes. High-performing products were retested for consistency. Please note, NutraHolistics may earn a commission from product sales via this guide. For any concerns regarding CBD use, seek advice from a healthcare professional.