A Chatteris restaurant that lost its licence earlier this year is up for sale after "struggling to maintain and run the business".

Pera Palace, which is located in the town's high street, is managed by Hassan Ates, who is known locally as H. 

The restaurant on Market Hill lost its licence in March after an investigation found that three illegal workers were employed there.

While he accepted that paperwork was missing, which should have been complied with, Mr Ates is currently appealing the decision and says he is taking the matter to the High Court.

Talking about the decision to sell the restaurant, he said: "It's a lovely business but its been a tough time for us. We've had enough."

He hopes that the building will remain a restaurant as "there aren't many places where people can sit down in the local area and have a nice meal". 

He said: "It was a hard decision but, since the Covid-19 pandemic, we've lost a lot of business.

"Before then, people used to queue outside to get in. It was a brilliant business.

"But, once you start to lose, it's hard to contunue like that.

"We've been trying really hard but we just can't go on like it."

He added: "We've really struggled over the last seven months to maintain and run the business."

When he posted the news on social media, H said he was "upset for a while but then happy with people commenting to say they are gutted we're leaving". 

H added that he has been "shocked" by the "incredible" amount of interest from prospective buyers.

"I've had some people who want to take it on as a resturant and change the menu.

"Some people have said they want to turn it into a snooker club or soft play.

"Whoever takes it on, I think they will be really successful. I just think people want to see a change now and something different.

"I'm hoping it will stay as a restaurant, for the sake of local residents.

"The building is like a symbol in the town as it has so much history.

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At the time of losing the licence, Hasan told The Cambs Times after the meeting: "Our premises licence has been revoked but we will appeal and take the matter to the High Court."

He also confirmed that all paperwork is now “up to date and filed inside the restaurant”. 

Looking to the future, he added: "It was a hard decision to make, but when you have to you have to."