Plans are in place to create a permanent space of remembrance at St Neots Cemetery for anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby.

Work has already started on the Forget-me-Not Garden which will provide a dedicated 'baby loss memorial.

There will be benches for people to sit on, new planting, plaques for those who want a permanent memorial for their little ones as well as the restoration of the pergola in the middle of the garden.

St Neots Town Council says it is a "really stunning project which holds a lot of meaning".

The project is being funded and supported by several charities and is being led by St Neots councillors Kate Louise Dundas-Todorov and Rebecca Macnab-Grieve. 

The gardne is being unveiled on October 9 to mark the start of Baby Loss Memorial week.

St Neots Town Council has said: "Across the UK, 13 families each day suffer the heartbreak of losing their baby before, during, or shortly after birth.

"These tragic figures highlight the sad reality and the need to support our grieving community.

"The project will rejuvenate this central area and create a peaceful and tranquil environment to allow residents to reflect and remember their little ones who have been lost."  

The town council says all the works carried out will be completed sympathetically with minimal disruption, especially during funerals, where work will be halted and the equipment on site will be removed where possible, so the surrounding area remains peaceful.  

You can follow the Forget-Me-Not Facebook page where the town council will be posting regular updates about the work as well as offering support to anyone who needs it.

October 9-15 is National Baby Loss Awareness Week.