A cat had to be put to sleep this week after he was shot close to his home in March, his devastated owner has revealed.  

Rob Fellows, of Peyton Avenue, thought his young cat Loki had been hit by a vehicle when he first came across his injuries.  

But a vet pointed out a bullet in the animal’s spine on an x-ray – and Rob had no other choice but to have him put to sleep.  

Rob said: “The whole experience has been very upsetting. Our house now feels empty without Loki in it. 

“My girlfriend and I were back home from work and Loki tried to come over to us. 

“He was dragging his back legs and we thought he had been knocked down on the road.  

“But the vet’s x-ray showed a bullet in his spine and we couldn’t believe it.” 

He added: “It’s very difficult to talk about. 

“Loki was such a character: playful, stunning, affectionate and he brought us so much happiness.  

“He followed me everywhere, even to work one day.   

“But I want to make people aware of what happened to him, because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.” 

Loki was just over a year old. Rob also has Loki’s mum Simba.  

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, which happened on Monday (September 18). 

Officers also said there had been reports of similar cases in Fenland within the last year.  

There was one in Nene Close, Guyhirn, on March 17 and in Brittania View, March, on October 11.  

Both cats were injured but understood to have survived.  

Anyone with information related to Monday’s incident in March, or those who see anything suspicious should contact police on 101 or online quoting reference 35/70356/23.    

Last month, the RSPCA said it was aware of various lethal weapons being used on wildlife and pets.  

Out of 808 reports related to animals being intentionally harmed with a weapon between the beginning of 2020 until May 2023, air guns and rifles were responsible for 658 incidents.  

The UK’s under-threat wildlife tragically bore the brunt of the attacks, but pet cats were also a prime target, with 262 cats deliberately targeted with weapons.