Banksy would love this! If you know him and want to give Wisbech and Fenland Museum's fundraising appeal a boost, let him know about the museum's Secret Little Art Show challenge.

It is inviting every amateur or professional artist who's intrigued by the idea to donate a postcard-size gem anonymously to its pre-Christmas art-for-sale exhibition.

The twist is that while the names of all contributing artists will be announced before the show opens on November 22, purchasers won't know until after they've paid the standard £10 price who made the original artwork they chose.

Exhibition organiser Louise Haselgrove said: “We've invited submissions from painters, graphic artists, photographers and printmakers that the museum has a relationship with from all over Fenland and beyond - but that's far from tapping all the talent that's out there.

“It doesn't matter if you've never sold a picture, if you fancy the challenge of putting something up for sale to the public, we want to hear from you and to put your 'secret postcard' on display.

Deadline date for submissions to reach the Museum is November 18.

For entry requirements, postal address and all other details about the Secret Little Art Show, go to