A Royal Navy veteran from St Neots received his Nuclear Test Medal - only 65 years late - when it was officially presented to him by his postman.

When John Gibbs answered his doorbell, he was greeted by his postman bearing a parcel from the MOD Medal Office.

John opened the parcel and showed his medal to the postman, who was most impressed when John explained why it had been awarded to him.

Cambs Times:

In 1958, John was an Able Seaman on HMS Scarborough at Christmas Island in the Pacific when the British nuclear tests were carried out, one of around 22,000 British servicemen who were involved with the UK’s military nuclear test programme during the 1950s and 1960s.

On October 20, branch president John joined shipmates from the St Neots & district branch of the Royal Naval Association for their Trafalgar Lunch at the Three Horseshoes in Graveley.

He proudly wore his new medal and described his involvement in the nuclear test programme.

The St Neots branch of the Royal Naval Association can be contacted through Tony Webley - 01480 215218, 07833 557986 or jj.awebley@btinternet.com.

Cambs Times:

Mike Milne, chairman of the St Neots and District branch of the Royal Naval Association, said: "Around 22,000 members of the UK Armed Forces were involved in the British military nuclear test programme in the 1950s and 1960s, as part of the Government’s efforts to ensure the UK had an appropriate deterrent against hostile action during the Cold War.

"Tests were conducted in Australia, the Montebello Islands off Western Australia and Christmas Island in the South Pacific.

"Many of those present at the tests or involved in the clean-up of test sites have long argued that exposure to radiation has adversely affected not just their health, but also the health of their children and families.

Cambs Times:

"They cite miscarriages and stillbirths that occurred after exposure and instances of their children and grandchildren developing genetic illnesses.

"The British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association has campaigned for many years for the Nuclear Test veterans to receive the acknowledgement they so clearly deserve, including adequate compensation.

"The Royal British Legion has welcomed the rightful award of the Nuclear Test Medal in recognition of their service and sacrifice."