There will be job losses for fire-fighters.

The Government has been asset stripping public services for working class people for years.

The Government axed full time fire-fighters for part-timers years ago to cut costs, except, that is, the full-time management staff.

Now they are reducing attendance to three fire-fighters per call-out because part-timers cannot live on the fire service pay.

That’s why thousands of new recruits join and then leave.

This fire service statement that the cuts are ‘the result of an internally commissioned operational risk response project’ is rubbish.

It's just justifying the cost-cutting measures Implemented from the House of Commons debate (Police & Fire Shared Services of November 2015) and The Home Office’s (Fire & Rescue National Framework for England 2018. And the NPCC and APCC (Policing Vision 2025), to amalgamate Resources etc.

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service commander Stuart Smith is wrong to think that part-time on-call fire-fighters can move home and give up other part-time jobs to move to a new area just to stay in the service.

Many on-call part-time fire-fighters will lose their jobs. How can a fire-fighter living and working in Manea, drive to Ely to catch the fire engine during rush hour?

M Burton.



Mixed tribute for Remembrance in St Ives

We wanted to pay tribute to those who planned and led the beautifully thought-out service of Remembrance in St Ives Market Place on November 12.

It was attended by so many people, both young and old. The children and young people representing the youth organisations were amazing.

One little Rainbow representative stood still, clutching her teddy bear the whole time. All the young people showed incredible fortitude and self-control.

The prayerful words of the Adhan, John Bell's eloquent hymn at the end and the united prayers and hymns all added to the shared longing for peace with justice and for healing of our hurting and damaged world.

We were proud to have three grandchildren taking part in the march and the service.

Fortunately we were able to share a copy of the words and the written Order of Service, as the sound system was a total disaster.

Not only did the microphones not work at all, but the loud speakers regularly emitted what sounded like explosions of gunfire, creating anxiety, irritation and frustration all around, until a bystander thoughtfully pulled the plug on the speaker.

Thank goodness, the organ and the Muezzin's rendering of the Adhan were able to soar above it all, to lift our spirits to rise above this technological disaster.

The well-planned and printed Order of Service, when read through at leisure on our return, gives us much food for prayerful hope. Would that it had been broadcast fully to the town.

John and Penny Leigh-Brown

Christmas Coffee Afternoon in Huntingdon

A Christmas Coffee Afternoon will take place in Huntingdon on December 2.

The event has been organised by the Huntingdonshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and is being held at the Trinty Free Church in Buttsgrove Way.

Entry is free and Coffee Afternoon runs from 2pm till 3.30pm.

Visitors can enjoy coffee, a raffle and mince pies.

Huntingdonshire Neighbourhood Watch Association