Students at a school near Wisbech have designed a giraffe for a special art trail.

Pupils at Marshland High School in West Walton decorated the sculpture called Marsha, which will be one of 30 giraffes taking part in Cambridge Standing Tall.

The trail is the latest art project from Break, a charity working to support young care leavers in the city.

Each sculpture has been designed and decorated by a different organisation, business or school in the region.

“Marshland has been involved with the Break sculpture trail for many years,” said Vicky Harris, head of creative design at the school.

"Our first sculpture was the hare and we have been part of the hare, cow and dinosaur sculpture trails.”

Zuzanna Wilkon in Year 7 had her design chosen for the sculpture, while Key Stage 3 student Amy Locks came up with the name Marsha for the Marshland giraffe.

The young artists implementing the design include Sasha Maskova, Daniel Rust, Olivia Dudek, Inga Mojecka, Julia Didzus, Roxann Wallington, Ola Wojciechowska, Ksenija Hvesjuka, and Faith Elleray, all of whom are in Key Stage 3 at the school.