A predatory paedophile who used social media to lure his young victims, some as young as eight, is just one of the cases featured in Cambridgeshire Police’s latest series of podcasts. 

Cambs Cops: Our Stories follows narratives of the tell-tale signs of a suspicious death, how CCTV operators are helping to catch sexual predators, the force’s mental health care initiative and the role of a 999 call taker. 

Cambridgeshire is just one of only a handful of forces in the country to experiment with using podcasts to communicate with the public. 

Deputy head of corporate communications Shelley Spratt said: “Our podcasts give us an opportunity to shed light on areas of policing that are often hidden from public view. 

“This series we have some incredible interviews that not only highlight interesting stories but also provide an insight into policing work, in particular the role of detectives. 

“They are a real eye-opener for anyone considering a move to a detective role or wanting to find out more about investigations.” 

She added: “The past two series have had more than 30,000 listens and we hope series three is just as popular. 

“We generate a significant amount of written content, but the podcasts enable us to explore subjects in much greater detail and directly with those most closely involved.” 

All episodes are now live on the force’s website and YouTube channel. 

They are also available on Podbean, Google and Apple.