A dog has been seized while police investigate six possible cases where an owner or person has been in charge of a dangerous dog.  

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said it has received reports someone was injured in two of the six incidents, which happened between July and December of last year.  

The March Neighbourhood Policing Team posted on the Policing Fenland Facebook page it had executed a warrant in Wimblington and seized the dog on Wednesday morning (January 17).

The post said: “After numerous reports and concerns from residents and the wider community about the conduct of a dog, the March Neighbourhood Policing Team executed a warrant in Hook Road, Wimblington.  

“The team were joined by the dog unit who have seized the dog pending further investigation.  

“More information and advice on how to report concerns around animals can be found on our website.”

The dog is described as a German Shepherd.    

But social media followers criticised police for the tone of the post and the way the incident was handled.  

Afterwards, one person commented: “This post really needs more context.  

“This sounds like a situation that will have been very stressful for everyone, especially a young dog taken from their known environment.  

“If this is a first response to complaints it seems very strong.  

“We are a nation of animal lovers and would be good to hear that this youngster is being well cared for and ok, as opposed to just ‘seized’.  

Another added: “Totally agree with all the comments, absolutely heartbroken that this poor baby has been taken away from a family that loves her.  

“I've also had the pleasure of knowing this sweet little girl a while and she has never shown any signs of aggression to anyone, she's just a lovely happy sweet natured girl and a joy to be around...  

“...and as for six police cars, we couldn't get one when we were broken into just a crime reference number.”  

The police spokesperson explained when attending a warrant, it needs to have the appropriate resources and this occasion included two additional vehicles from the specialist dog unit.  

Five vehicles are understood to have attended.  

More information on reporting incidents involving animals is available on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website.