Cambridgeshire Police officers discovered the cannabis factory in a house on Wimblington Road, Doddington.

The March Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out a warrant on a house in Wimblington Road this week (beginning January 29).

Officers discovered 67 cannabis plants worth up to £56,280 in various rooms of the Doddington house.

The March Neighbourhood Policing Team also found boxes of new designer clothing, which is suspected to be stolen goods.

A 19-year-old woman from London was arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis, abstracting electricity, and handling stolen goods.

She has since been bailed whilst enquiries continue.

A 32-year-old man has been charged with cultivation of cannabis and is going through the court process.

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Cambridgeshire Police have issued advice on how to tell if a property on your street may be a cannabis factory or a place used by drug dealers. 

The signs are:

Lots of different people coming and going from an address.

People coming and going at odd times of the day and night.

Strange smells.

Windows covered or curtains closed.

Cars pulling up for a short period of time.