The family of a three-year-old boy from Cambridgeshire battling leukaemia have thanked their community for helping them financially while he undergoes specialist treatment in London.  

Markas Beresnevicius was diagnosed with the condition just before his second birthday and has undergone rounds of gruelling chemotherapy treatment.  

He was showing signs of improvement but after relapsing in December doctors decided revolutionary CAR-T therapy was the next option.  

Cambs Times: Markas Beresnevicius passing time in hospital with his sister Saule.Markas Beresnevicius passing time in hospital with his sister Saule. (Image: Family of Markas Beresnevicius)But it means Markas and his parents Asta and Marius are currently staying in London for a month while he has treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

And to help them through the ordeal financially, a GoFundMe page was launched by a friend and has raised almost £5,000.  

Many of the donations have come from the Lithuanian community, the couple’s native country.  

Asta, from Huntingdon, said: “We don't like to ask for help but people have been so kind to us.  

“Even though our child is so unwell, we still have to pay our bills and also fund our stay with Markas in London.  

“This money will help us not to worry about this area of our life, so we can focus on being strong for our boy.  

“We are so grateful to everyone who donated. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”  

The couple - who also have an older daughter called Saule - took Markas to her GP when they noticed he looked extremely pale.  

Tests showed he had an exceptionally high white blood cell count which is a key sign of leukaemia.  

Cambs Times: Markas Beresnevicius has been treated with leukaemia since before his second birthday.Markas Beresnevicius has been treated with leukaemia since before his second birthday. (Image: Family of Markas Beresnevicius)Asta said: “His very pale skin was the only sign he was unwell.  

“There was no sickness, Markas was eating, he was playing and had so much energy. 

“It was such a shock when we were given the news.  

“The chemo also affected his vocal chords so he had no voice, and he needed feeding tubes which was very difficult to see in a toddler. 

“Now we pray this treatment in London will help our boy get better.”  

Visit the GoFundMe page if you can help Markas.