Fundraisers are holding an open mic poetry evening in a bid raise money for a church in March.

It's hoped the event will help contribute to the to repair St Wendredas Church’s wooden double hammer beam angel roof.

The event is due to take place on March 9 at 7pm in the church hall with a second hand book stall and Acrostic challenge prize draw on offer to visitors.

A Grade-I listed building, damage to the tie rods in the spire has prevented the ringing of the church’s bells and forced staff to suspend tours to the top of the tower.

Forming part of several fundraising events, organisers hope to raise between £150 and £200 and encourage as many residents as possible to sign up.

Wendy Harrison, one of the event organisers, said: “We are putting on several other events over the coming months and we hope that these will not only raise money but draw people together.

“Examples coming up are a summer fare with vintage classic cars, craft fair, lunchtime concerts in April, a music night in June, bimonthly family parties, and closer to Christmas a Taskmaster Turkey and Tinsel.”

The church is home to six bells, with number two and five installed in 1802.

The damage to the spire has prevented the ringing of the bells during key occasions such as weddings. 

Harrison added: “The bells are important on a personal level for people when they get married for example but also for national celebrations. There is something deeply comforting about hearing a peel of bells ringing out across the town.”

“I have always enjoyed poetry and also enjoyed writing and I have often wished for the opportunity to read some poetry with other like-minded people.”

Tickets can be purchased online or on the night at the door.