A dog who escaped their Fenland home and chased members of the public, causing injury to some, has been made subject of a court order.

On July 29 last year, a member of the public who was walking past a house in Hook Road, Wimblington, was chased and bitten by a German Shepherd who had escaped the property.

Officers attended the house that day and spoke to Lily Lowther, 29, who was the official owner of the dog about making sure the premises is kept secure to prevent the dog from escaping.

Between August and December, the dog escaped from the house a further six times and chased members of the public, causing injury on two more occasions.

Officers from the March Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) secured a court warrant to attend the address on January 17, where they seized the dog and placed it in the care of a police kennel while a case was taken to court.

Lowther was charged with four counts of being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control, without causing injury, and three counts of being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury.

She appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (March 20), where she admitted to all offences and was fined £240 and ordered to pay a total of £400 in compensation to the victims and £400 towards the kennel costs.

The dog has also been made subject of a Contingent Destruction Order (CDO), which states that:

  • When in public, the dog is to be muzzled and kept on a lead
  • The property is to be maintained and kept secure so there is no risk of the dog escaping.
  • Lowther is to take responsibility in ensuring that anyone caring for the dog complies with the conditions.

If the order is found to be breached, the court could order for the dog to be destroyed.

Sergeant Arnold, from the March NPT, said: “This is a difficult case for all those involved and no one wants to see any pet removed from its home.

“However, where it poses a danger to the public and measures are not put in place to prevent this, action must be taken.

“Thankfully no one has been left with severe injuries and I am glad the dog has been able to be reunited with its family and measures put in place for this to continue.

“I hope the implementation of the order provides reassurance for the public who have been left intimidated by the incidents.”

Information and advice on how to report concerns for animals can be found on the force’s dedicated webpages.