This week, we introduce new columnist Babita Paul who supports individuals and businesses with dealing with the menopause. 

Having helped numerous women and couples one-to-one in a mission to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle I am now taking the menopausal message to the workplace.

Why? Bringing menopause awareness to the workplace means supporting the wider public since symptoms of (peri)menopause affect more than just the individual – it affects everyone but not everyone is meno-aware, even though menopause causing more than 14m lost work-days each year and the lack of support is costing the UK economy and businesses £10m.

Not only this, but, men and women share the work-space together and let’s not forget the men who are managing staff or living with partners who have symptoms.

Do you need menopause training in your workplace? Does your workplace recognise women’s health needs from menstruation to menopause? Are the men in your workplace menopause friendly? How would a colleague recognise the signs of distress or accidently ‘put their foot in it’ leading to a costly tribunal case?

Organisations must treat the menopause as they would any other health issue, not only to break the stigma and taboo surrounding the menopause but to also create an inclusive environment where employees and managers feel able to discuss symptoms openly and made any reasonable adjustments where needed.

This will lead to a more empathetic and supportive workplace culture.

I have been trained and certified by the Menopause Experts Group and can offer  corporate training, from helping design a menopause wellbeing policy to full and half day awareness trainings for both senior managers and the wider staff force.

These training sessions give everyone the tools to be able to understand and support partners, colleagues or family members, who may be suffering.

You can contact Babita at: