Three leisure centres in the Fens are highlighting the importance of learning to swim and raising awareness about water safety in support of Drowning Prevention Week.

George Campbell Leisure Centre in March, Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech and Manor Leisure in Whittlesey, managed by Freedom Leisure, have incorporated drowning prevention practices throughout their swimming lessons.

Swim teachers incorporated water safety information throughout their lessons. 

Charlie, a swim teacher at Hudson Leisure Centre, said: “Children learning to be confident in deep water is very important and acquiring basic survival skills will help if they find themselves or others in difficulty.

“The children have done very well this week, especially manoeuvring whilst treading water and stay calm, knowing when it is appropriate to float rather than swim.

“We made sure to help them understand the significance of pacing themselves whilst swimming, so they are less likely to tire out.

“They have also enjoyed learning how to do reach rescues, some even performing in-water rescues in a safe, controlled environment with pool noodles in hand.

“A vital aspect of teaching the children is to know what they can do to help a person drowning directly, and when to seek others for help, like calling the emergency services.

“I believe everyone has learnt core skills to keep themselves and others safe in water.”

Vicky, a parent whose child attends the swim school expressed her gratitude saying; “I think it’s great my son is being taught drowning prevention in his lessons.

“He is now aware of water safety and how to swim effectively. 

“This give me confidence that when we are swimming, my son has the knowledge and skills to be safe.”

(Image: Freedom Leisure)