300 people an hour use March footbridge that Fenland Council wants to close – so it’s a vital route

March river bridge footpath. Picture: Steve Williams.

March river bridge footpath. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

We do not understand why you are publishing the wrong pictures of the footpath in March. The footpath shown in your photographs is NOT closing.

The pier beyond the footpath is the construction that the council want to close. This construction is the frontage to the greetings card and confectioners.

The footpath that appears in all of your photographs is to remain open as it does not have any steels underneath it and is the entrance to the travel agents and to the people who occupy the flats above.

I am sure that this is just a mistake but it is confusing the residents of March as to what is happening to their town.

In a more accurate publication of events surrounding the footbridge, it has been noted that 300 people an hour were recorded by the council using the footbridge/pier which indicates that this footbridge is a vital link between the new leisure centre, library, car park and river.

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Interestingly, the council claims that it will cost £20,000 to close this footpath/pier. If you check option two of the council paperwork you will notice, under local enhancements, this £20,000 is to pay for some boarding, a street light and two signs.

The council also claims it will cost £140,000 to make a repair that does not cost that much. The quote is to include building and construction that the pier does not need, like new fencing and flooring that you can drive a sherman tank over.

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The pier requires a repair, not enhancements. When the council has enough money to enhance it then maybe it should consider it, but as it does not have enough money just now a repair of the pier that would ensure the future of my business and a well used walkway would be nice.



High Street, March

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