�50,000 cash injection secured for Eastrea’s new village centre

THE village of Eastrea has been celebrating, after securing �50,0000 worth of funding for the new Eastrea Centre.

This cash injection has come from WREN, a non profit making waste recycling business.

Noreen Smith, grants officer to the Eastrea Village Hall Trust, said: “This money will pay for our flooring, the fully-fitted kitchen and much of the internal furnishing. The Trust is delighted to have won this important award.”

Pictured after the contract was signed with WREN (left to right), George Nutt, Jan Ford, Sarah Stokes, Pete Sennett, Tina Arnold, Bill Sennett, Alan Green, Ellis and Tegan Green, Brian J Ford, Gareth Prentice, Daniela Elson-Drummond, Noreen Smith, Seth Makin.

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