A 20mph speed limit idea is “ridiculous”

Reading the Standard I again find myself, embarrassingly, agreeing with Councillor Steve Tierney.

The proposals for a 20mph speed limit are both ridiculous and unworkable.

The cost of erecting signs and, God forbid, speed-bumps would be prohibitive.

Also, how would these speed limits be enforced? Experience tells me that, for a few days, we would get a few, very ineffective PCSOs.

I recently had to point out to one of these “boy scouts on bicycles” what his duties are, followed by a complete absence of police activity.

You may also want to watch:

Perhaps the councillors involved intend to don day-glow jackets and caps and do the job themselves!

Let us hope that they are more effective at traffic control than they are at running a council.

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Cllr Tierney is right- the money would be better spent on road improvement and parking restrictions


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