A danger to animals: woman banned after cats suffer in her rubbish-strewn “haunted house”

A WOMAN banned from looking after animals for life after she kept several flea-infested cats in a house containing tonnes of rubbish claimed she lived in a haunted house - but could heal animals telepathically.

Bree Street believed she was animal whisperer but could not care for the animals in the way she should have because of a variety of physical and other illnesses.

RSPCA officers first visited Street’s home in Brynmore, Bretton, Peterborough on October 27 last year after concerns were raised about the welfare of animals living there.

The 46-year-old was given a warning notice urging her to improve the conditions of the cats and single dog at her property but she failed to do so, meaning the animals were removed from her care.

Further investigation showed the 12 cats and one dog were very heavily infested with fleas and were all suffering with severe gum disease.

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They had been living in cramped conditions, with overflowing litter trays and rubbish strewn throughout.

However when inspectors went back last week to assist Cross Keys Homes with an eviction because of the condition of the property, they found another six adult cats and four kittens during a two-day operation,

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“Conditions at the home had deteriorated even further and a tonne of rubbish had to be removed from the property before officers could even gain access in order to catch the cats,” a spokesman said.

Five tonnes of rubbish has been removed so far, with a dead wood pigeon found in a cafe and carcasses of chickens found under the bed and sofa.

“Once at the property there was no escape for the animals as she had installed a “prison-type” enclosure in the garden which was made out of netting,” the spokesman added.

Street has also been banned by Peterborough Magistrates’ Court from feeding any wild or domestic animals over the next two years after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to 12 cats.

She also admitted failing to meet the welfare needs of 23 cats and one dog.

RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs said: “This was a long and ongoing investigation and throughout Miss Street has failed to cooperate with any agency in any way.

“The case has cost the RSPCA in excess of �40,000 due to veterinary bills, boarding and legal costs.

“The ban imposed clearly shows that Miss Street is a danger to animals.”

Mr Stubbs added that Street could even have been taking in stray cats and urged those with missing pets to come forward.

“Following this hearing she has now signed over the cats to the RSPCA and we can now finally start to find new homes for them all,” he added.

“We hope that anyone who is considering getting a cat will come to the RSPCA first as we have a large number urgently needing new homes as a result of this case.”

Anyone wanting to contact the RSPCA regarding their missing cats is urged to call RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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