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GOOD news this week for those whose lives are being made a misery by reckless drivers of mini-motos. Drivers who disrupt communities could receive points on their licence (even if they haven t yet got one), face a driving ban, a fine, or have their vehicl

GOOD news this week for those whose lives are being made a misery by reckless drivers of mini-motos.

Drivers who disrupt communities could receive points on their licence (even if they haven't yet got one), face a driving ban, a fine, or have their vehicles crushed under new guidance published by the

Respect Task Force on Wednesday.

Police forces are to receive step by step practical guides to tackling the misuse of these vehicles.

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Louise Casey, Government co-ordinator for Respect, said: "Everyone has the right to enjoy living in their communities in peace and safety."

Brakespeare might be tempted to remind readers that not that many years ago parents were the Respect Task Force.

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IT'S official, July was the warmest month on record across the UK. And guess what? Yes, Christmas cards

are already on sale in Fenland shops.

One eagle-eyed reader also spotted supermarket shelves being stocked with Christmas puddings and crackers.

It's a sign of the times, along with 'Back to School' notices advertising school uniforms appearing before the youngsters break up for their summer holidays.

SHREWD of Peter Clayton and his colleagues to drop the word museum from what was previously known as the

Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum in Wisbech.

Henceforth it will be known as the Octavia Hill Birthplace House, reflecting the fact many of us are put off attending or supporting a museum.

"Surveys show only 18 people out of 100 will come to a museum," says Peter. "The new title reflects the way we are engaging with the community in today."

Busy place, Octavia Hill Birthplace House. Now based there is the Fens Youths Trust,

Our Place project for Orchards School, and bases for the College of Occupational Therapists.

FENLAND councillor Jack Bantoft, who sits on West Norfolk Borough Council, is, as ever, unfailingly polite but if something bothers him he likes to get to the bottom of it.

So when on a visit to King's Lynn he noticed black bin liners had been placed over

CCTV cameras on the Hardwick Estate he posed the obvious question as to why - but the cabinet member for community was unable to answer, until now. "Another local authority had shut down a CCTV system it was responsible for and not covered the cameras," says Councillor David Harwood.

"An incident occurred in which the victim of a crime thought the cameras were working and thus believed he/she was safe as a result of the cameras being present.

When it was discovered the cameras were not working, the victim successfully sued the authority and won a large amount of compensation."

So, as a warning to all, cameras not working stay covered.

What convoluted times we live in.

DODDINGTON Horticultural Society's annual show attracted record entries this year. As well as the conventional competition categories in fruit, flowers and vegetables, the show has classes which one might have thought would have been lost in the 21st century. These include decorated eggs (blown or hard boiled), knitted soft toys, dressed doll, greeting card, decorated plant pots, handwriting, miniature garden (no battery operated aids allowed), finger puppets, home decorated picture frame, book mark and (our favourite) carved bar of soap.

In this computer age when apples, blackberries and apricots have a totally different meaning to modern children, it's great to think of them sitting at home carving bars of soap to enter into competition, designing book marks, decorating hard boiled eggs and making finger puppets and models.

WORRIED about the rising cost of that dreaded trip to the dentist? Just take a trip to your local chemist and pick up a first aid kit with a difference.

The Dentek Dental First Aid Kit is perfect to stock in the suitcase or emergency cabinet and is complete with everything you need to enhance your oral hygiene.

If you think yourself a budding dentist you can even fill cavities, secure loose crowns and caps and relieve tooth and gum pain.

In case you want one, they are available in Boots, Superdrug,

Sainsbury, Tesco and all good independent pharmacies and cost a mere £7.99. Quite cheap.

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