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MALCOLM Moss, North-East Cambridgeshire MP, found himself on the casualty list when three MPs were injured during the 50th annual all-party Parliamentary ski trip in Davos, Switzerland. The trip, described as something of a bloodbath" by a Tory spokesman

MALCOLM Moss, North-East Cambridgeshire MP, found himself on the casualty list when three MPs were injured during the 50th annual all-party Parliamentary ski trip in Davos, Switzerland.The trip, described as "something of a bloodbath" by a Tory spokesman, went rapidly downhill after the three Parliamentarians found themselves in hospital.But Mr Moss' dislocated shoulder was nothing to do with a problem on the piste.He told me: "On the second day of skiing I slipped on the marble swimming pool surrounds at the hotel and crashed on to my shoulder, dislocating it."I had to go to the hospital where they put it back in and I couldn't really ski much after that, although as chairman, I did put in a showing in the final race, and put in a credible performance I might add."Next to join the wounded was MP Crispin Blunt, who was skiing with his son when they got tangled up and he fell on to his son's ski which sliced into his buttock and hip.Jackie Lawrence, a former Labour MP, broke two bones in her leg when she fell heavily while skiing.The trip attracted 130 MPs and families, with the guest of honour being Prince Edward.THE future of Wisbech Stadium would not, normally, attract Brakespeare's attention since he does tend to digest the lighter moments of Fenland life.And whether the stadium re-opens for dog racing, stock car racing or becomes, as seems probable, a housing estate is not something he would usually find compelling to comment upon.But he was intrigued to learn from a colleague on the sports desk that a number of stadium supporters are convinced the new owner might turn out to be none other than lottery winner Michael Carroll.The Norfolk-born youngster is well known to be a stock car addict (having turned his Swaffham home into some sort of banger race track) and it's inconceivable he has not got at least some of his £9.7million fortune left."I've been speaking to someone who knows Michael Carroll well and the idea doesn't seem as far fetched as some might believe," reports my colleague.As far fetched as Paul Gascoigne taking over the Fenmen? That turned out to be a hoax. But Carroll promoting stock car racing at Wisbech? The nightmare could be only just beginning.....TRUE to my word I bring you news of the latest development at the enchantingly named Apple Crumble Cottage.You remember the owner of the cottage in Main Road, Parson Drove, tried to get permission to incorporate a shower cubicle into the chimney breast, the sort of procedure I assume happens to those with listed buildings. Sadly Nigel Brown, development manager for Fenland District Council, has told the owners the works would be "an unsuitable alteration which cannot be justified given the harm to the historic structure and fabric of the building". More news as it happens. ONE can only wonder how long the way we pay for pest control in the Fens can continue. I only ask since Fenland District Council says it can now handle, electronically, 671 out of 672 service interactions with which they deal.Unfortunately, since the pest control service contracted to the council cannot accept payments electronically, this shaved 0.15 per cent of Fenland's record of e-payments which otherwise would have been 100 per cent. By any standards, Fenland has delivered a coup de grace in modernising its IT so fast and so successfully and Brakespeare, for one, offers deserved praise where it is now due.

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